Uganda’s history

Uganda is a beautiful country with rich bio-diversity, a number of extraordinary wildlife reserves, and a wealth of natural mineral resources.  But it is also one of the most economically poor countries in the world, where half of the population lives below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day.  The dire economic conditions are in part provoked by a legacy of brutal and corrupt dictatorial regimes, including Idi Amin’s regime in the 1970’s that killed over 300,000 Ugandans.

Uganda is a country wracked by civil conflict.  The Lord’s Resistance Army has terrorized northern Uganda since 1987, propagating murder and sexual violence against women and conscripting child soldiers.  More than one million Ugandans are displaced as a result of the LRA’s tactics.  Jan Egeland of the United Nations has called the situation in northern Uganda “the most neglected humanitarian crisis in the world.”

Many children are housed at Bright Kids because of the war in northern Uganda, having been rescued from internally displaced camps.  Others are victims of Uganda’s dire poverty, abandoned by parents who could not afford their care.  And some are HIV/AIDS orphans.  In a country where help is hard to come by, Bright Kids Uganda provides a safety net for children in need.



Posted June 21, 2010 by thebrightkids

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