Donating through PayPal incurs administrative costs, we recommend mailing a check to our treasurer to avoid these charges:

Make Checks Payable to BRIGHT KIDS UGANDA, and mail them to Pauline Greenlick: Treasurer Bright Kids USA Foundation| 315 Orchard Drive| Mt. Lebanon, PA. 15228| Phone: 412-207-2939



Sponsoring a child:

At Bright Kids Uganda, U.S.A education is our number one priority and the only way we can ensure that each child receives a solid education is by making sure that each child is sponsored so that they can attend school every year. Please help make a child’s education become a reality and sponsor a child today.  The cost to keep children in school in Uganda is different depending on the age and school level of the child.  The following list is the cost of sponsorship for the children of BKU.

  • Babies: $360 per year
  • Nursery School Children: $360 per year
  • Primary School Children: $450 per Year
  • Secondary School Children: $750 per year

Click Here to see an updated list of the children at Bright Kids Uganda.


Donate to a Project:

Bright Kids Uganda is fundraising for several different projects, which will benefit the children and continue to assist the orphanage with a sustainable source of funds.  ANY size contribution is appreciated! Smaller contributions to these projects will be kept by our treasurer until all funds have been collected.

Click Here to view the Projects at BKU


General Funds

Bright Kids Uganda, Entebbe Home cares for over 60 children.  These children depend on BKU for room & board, clean clothes, healthy food, and a warm place to call home.  If you would like to contribute to the General Food, Construction, or Medical funds please click on one of the links below:

General Food Fund:  Money donated to the general food fund will help ensure the children of BKU have healthy filling meals each and every day.  Common foods in Uganda include: Posho, Beans, Matooke, Chapati, Irish Potatoes, Ground Nut Sauce, Rice, Chicken, and wheat Porridge.  DONATE

Feed 1 Child

  • Week- $10
  • Month-$30
  • Year- $365

Feed All BKU Kids

  • Day- $35
  • Week- $235
  • Month- $940
  • Year- $11,250

General Construction Fund:  Bright Kids Uganda, Entebbe Home is constantly growing and expanding.  Whenever the Director Victoria Nalongo Namusisi has extra money she uses that money to further BKU’s sustainable mission through sustainable projects, which often consist of building new structures: examples include, the market, communal hut, volunteer house, and new outdoor kitchen area. DONATE

General Medical Fund: With over 60 children at BKU you can imagine that we have our fair share of trips to the hospital!  BKU ensures that ALL children receive the medical care they need; whether its a trip to the clinic for a broken leg or an overnight stay at the hospital because of a severe case of malaria.  Donations to this fund will help to ensure that No child suffers without proper medical attention,  DONATE


With matching gifts you can double or even triple your gift! Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. When you sponsor a child, project, or make a general donation, we encourage you to find out if your company has a matching gift policy.


Planned giving is a way to make charitable gifts now or after your lifetime while enjoying financial benefits for yourself. Your gift to Bright Kids Uganda in your overall estate and financial plans play an integral role in creating a bright future for the children of BKU. Your planned gift will help BKU succeed in its mission to rescue vulnerable children, provide them with hope to realize their potential, and empower them to achieve their goals. We encourage you to arrange a strategic plan that empowers you, your family and BKU. Please contact Pauline Greenlick, Treasurer Bright Kids USA Foundation to make special arrangements for Planned Giving.

Bricks : $25.00 USD – monthly
Mortar : $15.00 USD – monthly


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